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Artist Trading Cards

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One of my good friends from my grad school days sent me an interesting link to an artist’s blog about artist trading cards. The concept of artist trading cards has entered into my consciousness a time or two, but this time it lingered long enough to inspire me to sit down and make, for the first time in awhile. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the lovely art I receive in return.

It’s been a weird month for me. The decision to move to WA and just how quickly the move happened has thrown me a bit. These artist trading cards came along at just the right time to spark a little creativity. The theme/design is a little bit old school, from when I was making sculptures out of found objects, but the furniture pieces really bring me back to that sphere of domesticity that I like to mess around in.

Returning to the big news: my relocation to the Pacific Northwest. You can possibly look forward to sea- and sound-inspired pieces, and I am looking forward to embracing the personal change that comes with a new environment!

Tips for being a working artist

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The quest towards becoming a self-employed artist, or self-employed in any business, can fall into two categories: very excited or frankly scared. After nearly two months of attempting gainful self-employment, I can honestly say I’ve felt both extremes. (With the occasional fit of panic thrown in.) I’ve kept track of what I’ve learned from it, and thought it might be helpful for others who are thinking about focusing on making their art a viable source of income.

  1. Schedule your time. I know, I know — flexibility is one of main reasons I quit my day job. But, while I consistently manage to make work every day, sometimes it’s only for an hour or two. As you might know, it’s incredibly easy to get distracted. (Ahem — are you reading this while you should be making work??) It helps to schedule out some blocks of time just to make. For me, mornings are my best time, when I feel good and feel inspired to make. Afternoons can then be spent on errands or exercise or fixing up the website.
  2. Listen, ask, and listen some more. Do I know exactly what I’m doing? Heck no. Do I know more than when I started? Heck yeah. And that happened with good ol’ fashioned learning. I started by listening to audio books about startups on YouTube, read informative posts from select businesses on Facebook, and eventually moved to podcasts, specifically ones geared towards artists. From these I’ve gleaned invaluable tips, hints, and ideas about self-promotion, staying motivated, and promoting my business. All for free, by the way. Another great source of help has been to brainstorm with a trusted friend, having her look at my website and Instagram and my artwork, asking: what works? What can I improve? What would you actually buy from me?
  3. Give it a chance. You’ve read all the blogs, newsletters, and Facebook posts about startup businesses, and applied it all, but nothing’s happened. I know the feeling all too well. But you can’t learn what works (or doesn’t) unless you give it a couple of weeks. For example, my Instagram continues to grow steadily because I learned rather quickly to add a lot of popular tags, even though I felt awkward and egotistical. That’s how you get people to look at your work, though!

I’m 100% certain I’ll have more tips to share by next month. In the meantime, feel free to share what helps you focus on your art business. I’m always looking for more! What invaluable trick have you learned?

Valentine’s is just…ew.

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It’s that time of year again.

February 14th. The dread. The horror. The commercialized tradition of courtly love. Valentine’s Day!

Like most people (I hope? Pray?), I’m not that interested in Valentine’s Day. It’s not that I hate Valentine’s Day, it’s more that I dislike oversharing, sentimentality, the ostentatious display of couple’s love…yes, we know you’re in a relationship on Facebook, thanks for reminding us! Again. It’s that kind of…ew feeling that inspired me to make this anti-valentine.

embroidery art hoop modern contemporary fiber handmade

Am I against love? Nah. Am I against large corporations trying to make a dollar off of love and friendship? And against everyone on social media rubbing it in our faces? Hell, yeah. As a matter of fact, that’s just….