Hi, I’m Gretchen.I am a mixed media artist with an emphasis in fiber living and working on the foggy shores of Whidbey Island, WA, USA.

On my website you will find handmade, original embroidery pieces and the occasional mixed media piece. I often buy pre-used hoops from eBay instead of purchasing new. It’s a small way to reduce my footprint, but every little bit counts.

I think about craft a lot. About the maker, and the hand that shapes the material, and the myths and secret languages and signs that guide us. I don’t think too hard about branding, or social media, or ways to become an influencer. I do write about myself occasionally, but only in conjunction with making art. Just a heads up. If you’re here for stylish, selectively filtered selfies…sorry. I’m not the woman for you.

My work involves connecting craft with imagination, humor, and personal symbolism. I find my inspiration in the outdoors, Pinterest, used books, and daydreams. I am fortunate to be able to pursue my dream with the help of friends and family, and grateful to anyone who comes along for the journey.